Our Mission

Our researchers and founders have been working on face recognition since the year 2000 and have won many international awards along the way.  Our team includes a Professor and his many Phd's with world renowned expertise in Biometrics and Artificial Intelligence.

Although most humans can recognize faces effortlessly, our phones and other machines have been unable to recognize people in challenging social conditions like restaurants, bars, and weddings until now.  Our aim is to make this breakthrough technology widely available to the public on smart phones to make people's lives more convenient and fun.

At Social Recall we are especially interested in helping people suffering from medical conditions.  About 2% of the population has Prosopagnosia, or face blindness, and they simply do not possess the ability to recognize people.  Indeed one of our team members suffers from this condition and that was what made him join the team.

Family members have written to us about their loved ones suffering from early dementia, stroke, or brain surgery who now cannot recognize their own children.  These conditions are heart breaking for both the sufferer and their family and we simply want to help.

Our Story

Brian Lovell published his first paper on face recognition in the year 2000 after hearing an inspiring talk on Eigenface face recognition by famous MIT Professor Sandy Pentland at the International Conference of Pattern Recognition in 1998 which was organized by Dr Lovell.

First generation face technologies technologies can be accurate under ideal conditions where passport quality photos can be captured, but fail dismally under real world conditions.  Nevertheless variants of these border control face recognition technologies have been deployed around the world great success. First generation technologies require cooperative photo capture with control of lighting, pose, and expression requiring large fixed smart gates costing upwards of $100,000 each to ensure recognition accuracy.

Over these 18 years Dr Lovell has researched aspects of non-cooperative face recognition from his unique perspective. People may think that government agencies can already do reliable recognition from surveillance video because it is seen in movies and TV, but that is most assuredly not true - not until this breakthrough technology was developed.

Our research aim was to make highly accurate recognition from surveillance video and mobile devices a reality instead of a Hollywood plot device.    Now you can try the World's most advanced face recognition for yourself on your own phone with our Social Recall apps.



Meet the Team

We have a passionate team with a stunning combination of international business skills, customer focused sales and integration skills, with raw R&D horsepower in Biometrics and Artificial Intelligence.  We want to help you to be successful by providing the latest breakthrough technologies for personal interactions.


Barry Sandrew PhD

Neuroscientist and Entrepreneur

Hollywood Legend and Prosopagnosiac

MarioPironne (Small)

Mario Pirrone MBA CPA

Finance Wizard

Expert in large project management and commercial contracts


Brian Lovell PhD

Expert in Biometrics

Biometrics and AI researcher with a passion for mobile face recognition


Graeme Hart

Planner and Strategist

Expert in supercomputing, complex systems integration, and sales

Next Steps...

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