The Problem: Many of us forget faces and names. This is often very embarrassing and socially awkward.

Remembering a face shows that that person is important to us and that we care about them. Our Social Recall Personal App allows you to have the World’s most advanced personal recognition system on your own smartphone. Recognize family, friends  and work colleagues reliably and instantly.  Your faces are securely stored and recognized in your own phone, so your personal information is safe and private.

Some people suffer from a condition called Prosopagnosia or Face Blindness and can hardly recognize anyone.  Our loved ones may one day acquire this condition due to dementia or brain surgery.  The app was designed to help anyone who would like to remember faces in social situations. Use our app and become a super-recognizer!



Terms of Use: This app is intended for personal usage only to assist in remembering names.

Privacy Policy: This app respects your privacy.  All data are processed and stored entirely within the phone.